Who we are
  • Jean-Francois CLOIX
  • Aurelie CLOIX

Jean-Francois CLOIX

Jean-François is French and moved to Dubai in 2008. He
has acquired a proven experience in customer service
and finance in France as financial consultant and more
recently in the Real Estate market in Dubai.

He has the expertise required as a Real Estate Consultant
to help you locate your ideal property. Not only he has a
tremendous amount of industry experience, but he also
has a firm grasp on the opportunities currently presented
within this booming real estate market.

He will walk you through the entire buying process,
taking time to carefully listen to your real estate wish list.
He will present you with options, working in a proactive
manner, to enable you to find the property that exactly
matches your list of criteria.

Aurelie CLOIX

Arrived in Dubai in 2008, Aurelie motivated by her desire
for travel and nature, passionate about diving, decided to
pass a diving instructor diploma and moved to Muscat,
Oman, for the year. Back on the UAE lands, after several
professional experiences, Aurélie continues her studies in
a Scottish university in Edinburgh.
In May 2017, once she graduated, she decided to join her
father, to help him cope with the real craze of customers
… and therefore the increase in demands! Today Aurélie
works every day in the field, and likes to organize your
days visits and to manage the operational follow-up with
the agents. What she prefers in her new life: “I like to
accompany my customers to push different doors … until
finally find the right one! The most rewarding is to see
our customers happy, satisfied with our services,
sometimes beyond their expectations! She answers