in 4 simple steps
  1. Face-to-face interview in English or French for 2 hours to identify your needs and desires.
  2. The team prospects, studies and compares the offers of the market to propose you a selection of housing based on your criteria.
  3. Start the visit with the team, on average fifteen visits divided into 3 moments, depending on your availability 6 days a week
  4. Once the housing is found, the team takes care of everything = guaranteed time-saving!
    – price negotiation
    – number of checks to be deposited
    – insurance of a legal and secure transaction
    – verification of the final contract
    – subscription management (Dewa, Ejari, insurance)
    – follow-up of the file and assistance for 1 year

5,000 AED (up to AED 143k annual rent) and 3,5% beyond (with the 1st installment of 50%)